About Crest Premier Properties

Founded in 2006, Crest Premier Properties has grown to become  Arizona’s most trusted property management company offering property management, sales and leasing throughout Arizona. With an approach to property management not seen in the industry this family owned and operated business was started by Caribbean Nationals who have infused the relaxed, smooth and easy approach to business typical of the Caribbean lifestyle.The owners firmly believe that a business must be built on a solid foundation of integrity. Crest has a personalized customized approach where every owner is part of the Crest Family. As one of the founders has said “ there is no business without owners”

CREST appreciates that it has no business without satisfied clients. We place a premium on client relations and this is achieved through honest and open communication. We believe that the customer should always feel that CREST is a partner that always has your investment interest as its top priority. Our dedicated staff are well trained and has the set of skills needed for successful customer service and building client relationships

Our vision is to build lasting relationships by dedicating ourselves to our clients’ success, providing innovative, honest, professional and exceptional customer services and always delivering better results.

Phoenix Property Managers Sherman and Euphemia Weeks

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