Move Out Inspection Checklist for Landlords in Tempe

Move Out Inspection Checklist for Landlords in Tempe

In Arizona, the tenant has the right to be present for your final walk through. Today, we’re talking about how to conduct a move out inspection successfully.

Move Out Inspection Checklist and Move In Inspection Checklist

The move in checklist you and your tenant completed at the beginning of the lease is the basis for the move out walk through. When the tenant sends you their notice that they will be moving out, inform them in writing what is expected before they move out. Of course, this would have been highlighted during the tenant on boarding process at the lease signing.

Items for the Move Out Inspection Form

When you get to the property, it’s important that the utilities remain on. Communicate this to your tenant ahead of time. Then, go through each room and document anything beyond normal wear and tear on your form. This documentation should also include photographs and videos.  

Check all the equipment in the property to make sure it’s working. Record the model numbers and serial numbers so you know it’s the same equipment that was leased to your tenant. All the keys and remotes must be returned to you, and a photograph taken.

Managing the Security Deposit

Tenants will often question you about their security deposit. In Arizona, we have 14 business days to account for the tenant’s security deposit. The tenant should be informed of that, and if they ask you during the inspection what they’ll have to pay for certain things, be careful how you answer. You need to do a proper evaluation to know what to charge.

It’s important to document everything and use the initial checklist. Make sure your landscaping is in good condition and the rooms and closets look the way they looked when the tenant moved in. Check the doors and look for holes.

If you have any questions, contact us at Crest Premier Properties. We’d be happy to help you with your move out inspection or anything pertaining to Tempe property management.