Dealing with Tenants Like a Professional Tempe Property Management Company

Dealing with Tenants Like a Professional Tempe Property Management Company

Managing tenant relationships is an important part of being a landlord. Once you have a tenant in place at your rental property, you need to be prepared for what to do next. It’s about more than just collecting rent. You’ll need to know what to do if they don’t pay rent on time or if they just decide not to pay at all.

Strong Lease

All tenant relationships start with a strong lease. You need to make sure your tenants understand their responsibilities and what’s expected from them. The lease should include information on rent collection because some of the most important tasks that you need to manage when dealing with tenants are rent-related. The tenant needs to know when and how to make their payments.

Legal Notices

There may be times that you need to serve your tenants with legal notices. Make sure you know which notice is the right one to use for each situation, and make sure that you know how to properly serve your tenants with those notices.

HOA Relationship

The HOA or condo association will also impact how you deal with your tenants. There could be HOA fines and violations that come into play. Make sure that your tenants receive a copy of the HOA rules and regulations so they can avoid problems with the association in the future.

Routine Inspections

You will also need to conduct routine inspections so you can be sure the property is being well maintained by the tenant. Perform these inspections throughout the lease to make sure everything is up to your standards and the tenant is following the terms of the lease. Do these inspections as often as necessary.

Maintenance and Repairs

You’ll need to communicate well with your tenants so they are comfortable reporting maintenance that needs to be done and repair work that is necessary. Train your tenants in how to properly submit a Dealing with Tenants Like a Professional Tempe Property Management Companyworker order. You want them to understand what is a legitimate and necessary repair, and what items they might be charged for.

These are some of the most common things that you need to consider when you’re establishing and maintaining relationships with your tenants. We’d be happy to handle your tenant relationship for you, so contact us at Crest Premier Properties if you have any questions.