Services Landlords Should Take Responsibility for in Their Tempe Rental Homes

Services Landlords Should Take Responsibility for in Their Tempe Rental Homes

A good lease will indicate what the tenant is responsible for at the rental home and what the landlord is responsible for maintaining. Today, we’re talking about the services you should take responsibility for as an owner/manager.

Pool Service

Keeping up a swimming pool requires specialized equipment, and maintaining a good chemical balance requires special chemicals in the water. You need a pool service that can keep your pool sparkling clean. Do not pass this responsibility on to the tenant, because the average tenant does not know how to maintain a pool. They want to enjoy it but if left to maintaining it, most tenants will cut down on the cost of chemicals and tamper with the equipment, costing you money. Hire a reliable pool company to clean and maintain it on weekly basis.

Tree Trimming and Care

Trees are expensive and if not managed properly, can cause serious damage. Trim trees regularly at least once a year. Tenants should not be required to manage the trees on your property, because pruning is costly and they don’t know what to do to properly care for them. It’s unfair to pass this cost to the tenants.

Lawns and Landscaping

If you have a grass lawn, maintaining it can be expensive for the tenant. Our experience is that the tenant will cut back on watering or be unable to maintain the grass regularly. You’ll end up with overgrown grass or a dead lawn. Use a monthly service that comes in and takes care of the lawn.

Pest Management

It’s important that as the owner you do a generic pest treatment before the tenant moves in, and in between tenants. Termites and scorpions can be difficult to manage and expensive to treat. You have the responsibility not to burden the tenant with taking care of pests. Once a tenant moves in, the tenant can be required to maintain pest treatments during the tenancy, but make sure you provide a pest-free home at the beginning of the lease.

HOA Fees

Don’t pass HOA fees onto the tenant. This is something you take care of Services Landlords Should Take Responsibility for in Their Tempe Rental Homesyourself because not paying on time can result in serious fines, and you don’t want to take that risk.

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