5 Reasons Homeowners Should Work with Crest Premier Properties

5 Reasons Homeowners Should Work with Crest Premier Properties

Crest Premier Properties is a full service property management company in Tempe AZ. Today we are sharing some of the major reasons that homeowners choose us to manage their rental properties. Your real estate investment is probably the largest expenditure you’ll make in your lifetime. If it’s not managed properly, you can face financial ruin for you and your family. So, place the property in the hands of professionals who have the right experience, knowledge and dedication. We have the proper mix of skills and tools to ensure you get a great return on your investment.


We have been managing properties since 2005. We are full time, highly trained real estate professionals. The Department of Real Estate keeps us committed to high standards and we undergo continuing education to stay abreast of the laws, changes in the market, improvements in tools and resources, and updates to the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act.

In House Maintenance

At Crest Premier Properties, we do not outsource maintenance. We handle it in house, which allows us to quickly evaluate and respond to all maintenance requests. We also work with independent contractors who have been vetted over the years and who are kept honest by our ongoing rigorous bidding process.


We keep up with technology in this fast moving digital age. It’s important to work with online marketers to ensure your property is placed before the largest online audience possible. This allows us to select the best qualified tenant for your property and ensure low turnover. Our property management software allows you to gain access to your account 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Tenants have the ability to access their accounts too.

Helping You Succeed

We cannot be successful in this industry if you aren’t successful. Our job is to provide the best possible service to ensure your investment is a success. That’s what drives us to go above and beyond for you. We are humble, dedicated and cooperative. We believe in a strong team effort and you are the key component.

Management Contract

We are confident in what we do but if you aren’t happy, you can leave our company with a simple notice period. Our management agreement allows you to exit this easily, but we are proud to tell you that only one client in last five years has left us. Your calls will be answered immediately and if not, all phone calls, texts and emails 5 Reasons Homeowners Should Work with Crest Premier Propertieswill be returned the same day.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us at Crest Premier Properties in Tempe, Arizona.