How to Tenant Screen for Long Term Quality Tenants in Tempe, AZ

How to Tenant Screen for Long Term Quality Tenants in Tempe, AZ

Our topic today is screening for long term quality tenants. There are five major items that we always look at when we are screening to put the best possible tenant in your home.

Rent Ready Property

First, the property must be ready for the tenant to move in when we begin marketing. That means repairs must be completed, the curb appeal looks great and the property is clean. We want to make sure that tenants will have no objections to the way the home looks.

Marketing the Property

Next, we put the property on the market. In our marketing efforts, we want to expose the house to as many renters as possible by using different methods of marketing. The Internet has been a good source for doing that, and you want to put your listing on many different websites. It’s also important to expose your property to agents with prescreened tenants. The bigger the pool of tenants, the more likely you are to get quality tenant.

Checking Income and Employment

Once you begin screening an applicant, you have to check the potential renter’s income and job stability. This is important because if the tenant has enough income and a stable job history, you know that tenant will be able to pay rent on time.

Rental History

Exploring a tenant’s rental history is very important in the screening process. When a tenant has paid rent on time for three or four years and has never been late, we know that tenant will be a good one. You need to verify these details with past landlords.

Credit and Criminal Backgrounds

Running a credit check and a criminal background check is necessary because it tells us a lot of things. You can see How to Tenant Screen for Long Term Quality Tenants in Tempe, AZjudgments for nonpayment of previous rentals or qualities that you as a landlord may not be able to tolerate.

These are some of the most important things you can do to find a long term tenant who will pay rent consistently and take good care of your property. If you have any questions, please contact us at Crest Premier Properties.